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Dallas Willard tells of when the REA (Rural Electrification Administration) extended the electrical lines to his home in Missouri. He says, “When those lines came by our farm, a very different way of living presented itself. Our relationships to fundamental aspects of leisure, preparing food, and preserving it — could then be vastly changed for the better.”

Those farmers, “in effect, heard the message: ‘Repent, for electricity is at hand.’ Repent, or turn from their kerosene lamps and lanterns, their iceboxes and cellars, their scrub boards and rug beaters.” The power was now inside their homes to make their lives better, if they would accept it.

But some did not accept the kingdom of electricity. They were suspicious of it, even afraid of it. Some thought it cost too much. Some just did not want to take the trouble to change. The blessing was there waiting for them to enjoy, but they were not taking advantage of...

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