Sermon Illustrations

two fish (Bass –Carp)

One time there was two fish who were best friends. They we an odd couple, one was a high-strung bass the other a laid-back carp. One day they were swimming around talking about girl fish and enjoying each other’s company. Then suddenly, a worm drops in front of them, the bass says dinner is served. The carp yelled lookout it’s a trap.

The bass said it looks alright to me and swam toward it. The carp said there is a hook and line there, the ole bass said I’ll just get a nibble. He got a nibble and boy that sure is a good worm. The carp said leave it alone, but the bass was already caught by temptation. He lunged and took the worm and the fisherman set the hook and reeled him in. WATCH OUT FOR TEMPTATION

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