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Larry Johnson was an oil field hand. Big, loud, cursing, drinking, woman chasing and completely anti-God. He worked on one of the dirtiest jobs in the old field – he ran a workover crew. Those guys NEVER came home clean. They were covered in grime, sludge and oil from head to toe every day. How do I know? One of my best friends worked on Larry’s crew. His name was Armando Zuniga.

One day shortly after Armando got saved, he called me and invited me to his house. There sat his boss, Larry Johnson, weeping like a baby. Since Larry couldn’t speak, I asked Armando, what was wrong. “Wrong? Nothing’s wrong! Larry just got saved! I wanted to make sure I did it right when I witnessed to him!”

The next Sunday, Larry Johnson (all 6’5’’ and 350lbs of him) showed up for church. As soon as the invitation was given, Larry made a dash for the altar. He assured me he was saved and wanted to be baptized ASAP.

Larry was baptized, won his brother to the Lord and he was baptized. Larry learned to play the guitar in about six weeks and regularly sang specials at our church. He stopped smoking, drinking, cussing and chasing women. Larry was the epitome of what we are going to talk about tonight.

Source: Dr. David W. Hallum

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