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Imagine you’re in a small boat and a sudden storm comes up. The sky is dark the wind is howling; the waves are raging. All of a sudden there are 20-foot swells and your boat is being tossed like a twig in a stream, one minute you are at the bottom of the swell the next moment you’re on the top. As your boat cascades down the wave you see that it’d heading for a rock, you know disaster is at hand. All of a sudden, the hand of GOD moves your boat away from the rocks. You begin calling out to the lord, asking for mercy. Then you’re back on top of the wave crashing down again, you see you are getting closer to the rocks once again GOD moves you to safety. Then the storm is over, its smooth sailing, we don’t realize we are in the most dangerous part of our journey. No wind no waves everything is great. We become complacent and think we don’t need to call on GOD. We are at ease not on the lookout for danger. We are lulled to sleep and can’t see the rocks up ahead. Destruction is coming while we are daydreaming.

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