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Matt Proctor- Several years ago, two of my nephews accompanied their mom on a visit to a friend’s house. Ben was 8, Brian was 6. Their mother’s friend was a very neat lady- a place for everything and everything in its place. Though childless, she did have a few toys and handed Ben and Brian a bucket of Legos: “Here boys, you can play with these.”

What the first thing they did with that bucket? Like all red blooded American boys, they dumped it out. Their mother’s uptight friend immediately went into full obsessive compulsive mode. She dropped to her knees and started scooping the Lego pieces back into the bucket with these words: “No, no, no, boys. What I meant was, you can play with these one at a time.” What?

We might be able to play with dolls or Hot Wheels cars one at a time, but we can’t play with Legos one at a time! A Lego piece’s whole purpose is to be combined with other pieces. A Lego piece is created to be part of a group, something bigger than itself. A solitary Lego can never fulfill its destiny. Legos were made to be connected.

We don’t have to read far into the Bible to discover: human beings were made to be combined with other human beings. Call it Lego theology: human beings were made to be connected. We are hard wired for relationship. We simply cannot flourish alone.

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