Sermon Illustrations

Matthew 16:25 For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it. 26 For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?

A boy asked a wise man: WHAT IS THE VALUE OF MY LIFE? The wise man said that is a good question and I will teach you and you must find the answer for yourself. The old man turned around and picked up a dusty old rock. The wise man dusted off the rock and asked the boy what is the value of this rock? The boy answered: I DON’T KNOW? The old man said I want you to do as I say. Don’t speak a word, just hold two fingers up. Do you hear me: TWO FINGERS?

The old man told the boy go down to Walmart and stand there with the rock and see what someone will give

him for it. A lady came out and looked at the rock and said that will look good in my flower garden. How much do you want for that rock she asked? He raised up two fingers, and she said I WILL BUY THAT ROCK FOR $2.00.

So the boy ran back to the wise man’s house and said a woman offered me $2.00 for the rock.

The man looked at the boy and told him take the stone and go to the local jewelry store and just stand there and show them the rock. When they ask you what will you take for the stone raise two fingers and listen real close. So the boy went and stood near the cash register and the man came to him. He saw the rock and said how much do you want for that rock? The boy held up two fingers and the worker said: Sure, I will give you $200.00 for that rock. The young boy ran back to the wise man’s house and said: Sir, the worker offered me $200.00 for the rock. The young boy looked at the rock and pondered value? $2.00 vs $200.00.

The old man said I have one more lesson to teach. I want you to go down to the museum and ask to see the GEMOLOGIST about the value of the stone. Again you can only raise two fingers when he ask you how much do you want for the stone. So the boy caught the bus and rode to the museum. At the front desk the boy asked to see the GEMOLOGIST. The boy walked into the expert’s office and he held out the stone for the expert to hold. The GEMOLOGIST WAS SO EXCITED TO SEE THE STONE. The man said how much do you want for the stone? The boy held up 2 fingers? The Gemologist jump up and down, $200,000.00, that’s a deal. I will gladly pay you $200,000 for that stone.

The boy waited for the bus and was so excited as he returned to the wise man’s house. The old man was waiting. He asked what did you find out young man? The boy said: SIR, THIS IS A VERY RARE GEMSTON AND THEY WOULD LOVE TO HAVE IT FOR THE MUSEUM. HE OFFERED ME $200,000.00 FOR IT…

$2.00, $200.00, 200,000.00? DO WE UNDERSTAND THE VALUE OF LIVE, look in a mirror? ? Where do you sell yourself for little to nothing? You can make the WRONG DECISIONS? You can hang with the wrong crowd in the wrong place? You can play games and be lazy? OR YOU CAN GROW AND LEARN AND IMPROVE. You are a rare gem stone, Can you see your value? Look in the mirror, what is your value?

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