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A young teenage boy and girl were setting in a swing on her parents front porch way up in the mountains of North Carolina. They spent a lot of time there away from everyone just them. They would talk about all kinds of things. Things about when they had grown up grown up. What would they do: go to college which for them meant moving away from home and getting enough money to go. For him it would mean getting a job or going into the military for some good job training. Would they have a family together?

Every Friday evening it was the same. He really liked coming to see her but her mothers cooking was another good thing about the visit.

When he got ready to go he would hold her hand and tell her he would see her next Friday and hug her. But tonight he was feeling tender towards her so he hugged her and said at the bottom of the porch stairs: You know I love you so much I would fight the biggest man, swim the deepest ocean, climb the highest mountain because I love you so much. He kisses her for the first time and turned to leave. Looking back at her as he opened the gate to leave. I’ll see you next Friday if it don't rain.

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