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We are to connect with other people in an attractive way. Evangelism depends on it. The unity of the Body of Christ depends on it. When we lived in Kansas City, we visited Impact Church. As we walked into the foyer of that large church, we were greeted by a lady who drew us in immediately. She didn’t just shake our hands and say, “Welcome.” Her welcome was the most inviting, affirming connection imaginable. It was not pushy or controlling. It was a sincere acknowledgement of our importance. She talked with us for a few minutes, then asked if we would like to sit with her and her husband. She led us to the third row where seats were awaiting us. I don’t remember the sermon that fine pastor preached. But I remember her greeting vividly. Experts say people decide whether they will come back to a church within the first few minutes of attending. Her gift of hospitality was certainly one reason so many came back to Impact Church.

Illustration is from sermon by Richard Tow entitled, "Greeting Fellow Believers."

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