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We are surrounded by things we can’t see, so are they real?

It was really windy here this week. Did you see it? Of course not! We can’t see the wind. I saw the trees moving. I heard the wind chimes on the porch. I felt it on my skin. I never saw it… so is the wind real?

Last week, during the ice storms, there were lots of limbs that fell out of our trees. They all fell to the ground. Not even one fell up! Why? Gravity. It is a basic force in the universe God created but we can’t see it. When was the last time you fell down (not up)? You felt gravity and were powerless to stop it but you never saw it… so is gravity real?

Every day and every night I depend on light… but I can’t see the individual parts of the light. Ever play with a prism? Pretty cool to see light broken down into all of its component colors. What makes up the light and all those colors… waves or particles? YES – both these properties of light can be seen in experiments, but the most elemental component of light is a quantum object (like an electron) we call a “photon.” You can’t hold photons in your hand – like wind or gravity… so is the photon real?

This is an important consideration as we look to Jesus’ interactions with the evil, supernatural beings that the Bible calls demons.

(Opening to sermon for 2/28/21 - "Are Demons Real?" Luke 4:31-37 by John A. Bright)

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