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Will Smith and Gene Hackman star in the 1998 movie, Enemy of the State. The concept is that whether you deserve it or not, the Government has immense capabilities to spy on every minute detail of your life. As unnerving as the film was, technology has only grown more sophisticated. Satellites, GPS, cameras, email, smart phones, Alexa, and Siri all can be hacked and monitored. Later there was a hit TV series, Person of Interest, that featured a fictional machine that could intercept all the metadata out there and flag dangerous behavior and situations. in 2013 Edward Snowden leaked classified information revealing our government’s unconstitutional monitoring of private citizens routine phone calls with no specific probable cause. The Government really is like the fictional “Big Brother” in George Orwell’s novel 1984. About a year and a half ago I was involved in a passionate political debate with a ride share customer and I quoted a statistic… all of a sudden my phone interrupts the conversation by saying “Actually the real numbers are...” Not only was my phone listening, it was actively involved in solving a political debate! We would do well to realize that in America there are very few places where we can have private communications any more.

As unnerving as that seems, there is an even more invasive listener than Uncle Sam. You see what ever we say in public, on Facebook, in private texts, even whispered in dark corners of the world, God hears! Let that sink in… there is no privacy setting, no mute, no encryption code that will stop this. Whatever you are saying, the Lord Hears You.

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