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I think one of the area we need to work on the most is expressing that love to our kids. I believe that most Dad’s love their children but for some reason it seems to be hard for us to express it. David had that problem. After Absolom murdered Amnon he fled the country and lived in exile for 3 years. David was mad about the murder to be sure but the Bible says that David still loved Absalom. In fact it says in 2 Sam. 13:39, "David, now reconciled to Amnon’s death, longed to be reunited with his son Absalom." (LB) But as much as he wanted Absalom to come back he never told him that. He never sent word saying, "Your forgiven, I understand your anger, I’ve done horrible things too. Come back, let’s make a fresh start." He just left him in exile. Finally, some of David’s advisors convinced David to let him come back to the city. And David said, "He may go to his own quarters,” the king ordered, “but he must never come here. I refuse to see him." Pride- for 2 years Absolom lived in the city and everyone grew to love Absolom but David wouldn’t see him. Finally, after 5 years David said, "Okay, I’ll see him." But by that time the resentment was so deep that Absolom revolted against his Dad and tried to take the throne away from him. Absolom and David’s forces fought against each other and finally there is a concluding battle in the woods of Ephraim and as Absolom is trying to escape, his long hair catches in an Oak tree and he can’t get free himself. And Joab David’s captain finds the young man and takes three javelin’s and plunges them into Absolom’s heart. And one of the most pitiful scenes in the Bible is played out in 2 Sam. 18. David waits news for the battle but each time a...

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