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Derrick Johnson of the Regeneration singing group told a story about his daughter, Debbie. When Debbie was 4 years old, she got lost in a crowded supermarket. After an anxious search, she was found only one aisle over from her mother, but she was petrified. For a long time after that, she was terrified of crowds. Shortly thereafter they had a devotional about heaven one night, and the girl said, “Daddy, will there be many people in Heaven?” “Yes, there will be a lot of people in Heaven,” he said. “So many that we can’t even count them, the Bible says.” “How will I ever find you and Mommy when I get to Heaven?” she asked. He knew that was a childish question, be he wanted to give her a good answer. “I’ll tell you what- when you get to Heaven you just wait for us right inside the gate, and we’ll all meet there as a family.” “Daddy,” she said, “is there more than one gate in Heaven?” He remembered that Revelation said that there are four walls and there are three gates in every wall. He said, “Yes, there are 12.” She said, “Which gate?” He said, “I tell you what, when you get to Heaven, you ask somebody which way is east. Then you just walk and walk until you come to the eastern wall, and then you find the middle gate in the eastern wall. Let’s all meet as a family just inside the middle eastern gate.” That seemed to satisfy her, so he kissed her good-night. Then he said, “Now remember, we’re going to meet just inside-” “The middle eastern gate,” she answered. This became a tradition. What a day that will be! Don’t miss it for the world.

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