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One of the most touching moments in sports came at the end of the 1980 Winter Olympic Games, in which the US hockey team beat the Russians. It was an incredible feat. All during the games the cameras focused on goalie Jim Craig, one of the heroes of the team and on his father in the stands. Craig’s mother had recently died and he and his father had grown closer through the months of grief. When the US team won the victory, a tremendous celebration erupted out on the ice. Players embraced, clenched their fists in the air.. people cheered. All of a sudden the camera focused on Jim Craig who wasn’t celebrating but was skating alone up and down the ice, scanning the stands. You could read his lips: "Where’s my dad? Where’s my Dad?" You see, it was the happiest moment of his life and he would celebrate with his teammates, but first he wanted to be with the one who meant the most to him, the one who had contributed the most to his life. I...

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