Sermon Illustrations

Here is part of a story by Gabrielle Moss?

I've been known to waste massive amounts of time using mirrors to do respectable, adult things, like trying to straighten my bangs.

Surely you've had the pleasure of breaking a mirror and having some helpful person inform you that you have now given yourself seven years of bad luck. You probably did not pause to reflect on this idea too deeply, possibly because you were more focused on making sure to not accidentally step on any shards of broken mirror.

But had you decided to look a bit further into it, you would have found that this superstition stems from the ancient myth that holds that the mirror reflects not just one's external surface, but one's soul, as well. Ancient Romans believed that the soul regenerated every seven years — so if you messed with a mirror, you had to consider your soul equally messed with for seven years, until you could grow a new one. The most important moral of this story? I was staring into a mirror for an hour this morning because I was trying to straighten my soul's bangs.

When you look into a mirror that shows you your soul reflection does anything need straighten up?