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Devotional by Larry Petton

Text: John chapter 15

Our devotional time with the Lord must be a balanced blend of the Word and prayer, truth and Spirit touching the head and heart.

If you only focus on Bible study, you will dry up.

If you only focus on prayer you will blow up.

But....if you have a balance of prayer and the Word, you will GROW UP!

When it comes to the pattern of prayer in the life of a believer, here is a simple set of guidelines that makes sense in my life:

If the request is wrong.......................God says, "No."

If the timing is wrong........................ God says, "Slow."

If you are wrong.................................God says, "Grow."

But if the request is right, the timing is right and you are right, God says, "G0!"

Here is a prayer where everything was RIGHT:

In its early days, Dallas Theological Seminary was in critical need of $10,000 to keep the work going, which was a lot of money in the early 1900's. During a prayer meeting, renowned Bible teacher Harry Ironside, prayed, "Lord, you own the cattle on a thousand hills. Please sell some of those cattle and send us the money to help us meet this need!" LOL. Shortly after the prayer meeting, a check for $10,000 arrived at the school, sent days earlier by a friend who had no idea of the urgent need or of Ironside’s prayer. The man simply said the money came from the sale of his cattle!


God knows what you need before you ask......but He still calls you to ASK (Matthew 7:7).

A- Ask Him

S- Seek Him

K- Knock on His Door - don't give up!

What are you asking God to do in your life right now that only He can do? Remember: You are coming to a King.......large petitions with you bring!

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