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There is a movie that was recently produced that was titled “Shallow Hal”. In that movie, Hal was given a gift of seeing a woman, not as she physically looked but as their heart would appear. There were some who were over weight, some who were not so physically appealing to the normal observer, but Hal was able to see past that and they were all so beautiful to him. No one else could see what he saw and everyone thought he was crazy. What he could see was the true inner beauty and not the outward appearance. Of course a few of those who had outward appeal actually appeared ugly and emaciated to Hal because their heart was so wicked and self-centered.

I’m not promoting a movie, but it does make a valid point for this message.

God looks upon the heart of man, not upon the outward appearance. I wonder what we look like to God? Are we beautiful, appealing and desirous to look upon or do we appear as starving, emaciated, skin and bones, ugly and disgusting, and filthy?

If God would open the eyes of those around us to allow them to see us as we are on the inside, how many would want to run away screaming and hide until we made it right with God so we could look good?

We take care of this body. Clothing, feeding, making it look as attractive and...

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