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- The story is told of a jet fighter pilot who was on a mission during the Gulf War. As he was flying over the enemy territory, he was shot down from a ground to air weapon. He immediately ejected from his flaming plane. But, as he was descending to the ground below him, he noticed the townspeople and the enemy armies were gathered together waiting for him to land, waiting to capture him. So in a panic, he maneuvered his parachute in order that he might land on the other side of a hill. As soon as he landed, he cut his parachute chords and ran as quick as he could into a bush were he buried his head in the mud. Within minutes, the enemy had reached the spot of the bush and were canvassing the area, trying to find him. Their bayonets literally coming within inches of his face as they poked through the shrubs and bushes. This went on all through the day.

- At nighttime he came up out of the bush and attempted to radio the home base, but never got a response. Day after day went by with no contact. When daylight came through, he buried himself in the mud. When nighttime came, he literally sucked the dew off the grass blades for hydration and ate bugs for nourishment. He was hungry, he was tired, he was thirsty. And as each day passed, his hope of rescue became less and less. He kept trying to radio the home base, but he kept failing. And the more he radioed, the more the batteries wore down. Until it came down to one final signal. He knew it would be his last chance. If this radio signal failed, he knew he would be completely cut off from his rescuers, and he knew the enemy would eventually capture him. So he sent the signal, and just as he did, an ally plane was overhead and received the signal. Within minutes, a rescue helicopter landed directly in front of the bush he was hiding in. When he saw the helicopter door open, he bursted out of the bush, sprinted with all his strength, and threw himself across the threshold of the chopper. And as he lay on his back, with his chest heaving and his pulse racing, all he could say was.... "Thank you for saving me... Thank your for saving me.... Thank you for saving me."

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