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I was talking to a pastor friend on the phone recently and he said listen to this – ‘who is this denomination? See if you can guess.

I am a newly formed denomination that has been in existence for a few decades. We came out of the mainstream church because we didn’t believe there was enough emphasis on being ‘born again by God’s spirit’. Our leadership is young (late 20’s – 30’s) and we are working on the cutting edge of ministry. At our leaders meetings we make decisions that require big steps of faith. We emphasise in our teaching the work of the Holy Spirit more than any other denomination in our time. Most mainline churches are suspicious of us and believe we are almost cultish. Its true that some of our churches have gone too extreme, but we are not deterred by this. We push on because we are reaching people for Jesus faster than any other denomination of our time

Who am I?… I am the Baptist church… of the 16th century – I am the first generation of the Baptist movement.

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