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Lauren Zalaznick was in the late 1990’s the unstoppable and high-achieving vice-president at VH 1, a music video television company here in the United States. She produced top rating program after program. She had an automatic invite to any music party or recording in the country. She was held in high regard. Then, after about five years, she felt she was losing her edge and decided to resign.

As you might imagine, Lauren was somewhat anxious about her decision to quit. Did she do the right thing? Would she regret it? Would she be able to find another job as good as this one?

The one day her sister gave her some advice that changed her perspective. She told Lauren to imagine herself in 50 years time. At that point in her life this job was going to be a single sentence which began ’In the early part of my career,’ followed by a few words and a full stop. And then there will be 14 paragraphs about what Lauren really did with her life. Source: Reported in New York Times Magazine, September 9, 2001

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