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[It’s Over Your Head, Citation: C.D. Monismith, Salem, Ore. Christian Reader, "Lite Fare."]

One quarter while teaching an adult Sunday school class, I decided, It’s time to be up-to-date and innovative. I need to try something new for our class.

We were studying one of the Old Testament books.

I found an overhead projector and tried to teach myself how to use it.

Then I wrote an outline on an overhead transparency to display for the class.

When Sunday morning came, I had the projector all set up.

At the right moment in the lesson, I flipped on the overhead.

The beautiful outline flashed on the wall for all to see.

To emphasize a significant spiritual truth in the passage, I grabbed one of the special markers, walked over and started writing in bold letters on the outline.

The class burst out laughing.

Why are they laughing? I thought to myself. This is the crucial point!

Then it hit me.

I was writing on the wall.

It seems I’d been a little unclear on the overhead concept.

The class wouldn’t let me forget it.

In fact, for many weeks they wouldn’t allow me to remove my brilliant insight from the wall.

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