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"My own generation seemed just as quaint and misguided in its way. Raised in the fearful 50’s, we believed that freedom to fornicate, to use 4 letter words and possibly put a drop of LSD in the water supply would bring not only nirvana but also world peace. We had to experience the disappointments of sexual freedom to understand that it did not, in and of itself usher in paradise. It was not just the problem of sexually transmitted diseases that cooled the sexual revolution, but the discovery that sex without intimacy can be downright depressing. We had dealt with our guilt, but we had not dealt with our romanticism. People who tabulate theses things tell us that the typical sex-addict (is there such a person) spends an average of 24 hours a week exploring sex on line. Sexual perversions - nothing new, fill me, I’m lonely - sex is everywhere but not satisfying. We hunger for intimacy - sex slaves advertise online but soul mates are hard to find. Love crisis not a sex crisis. We blast our kids with sexual ideas and pictures then tell them no. Looking for love in all the wrong places. I wish we could go back to prearranged marriages. I have a 20 something daughter - "From No No’s to anything goes" - Erica Jong

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