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JESUS DIED FOR MARY TOO--Communion Meditation

Mark Lowry, a Christian comedian observed that Mary’s silence at the cross always amazed him. If he were being crucified in the middle of town, his mother would have "Pitched a fit", but Mary never said a word. Lowry wondered if maybe what made the difference for her was remembering back to that 1st Christmas. Remembering touching his little hands and feet and counting his fingers and toes.

On a serious note, Lowry says:

"I wonder if she realized then that those were the same fingers that

had scooped out the oceans and formed the seas.

Mary probably counted those little toes- I wonder if she realized

that those were the same feet that had walked on streets of gold and

had been worshipped by angels.

Those little lips were the same lips that had spoken the world into


When Mary kissed her little baby, she wasn’t just kissing another baby - she was kissing the face of God.

33 years later she’s standing on a hillside watching blood pour from His veins, from the side of her own son... and she didn’t open her mouth. What a great testimony to the fact...

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