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A woman by the name of Sandy Willey related a Christmas story that occurred during World War II. A woman named Anne took her two little children to Texas to be with her parents because her husband was stationed in Europe. And they prepared for Christmas and got the tree up and all the gifts bought and were enjoying the joy of Christmas, almost putting aside the worry of the war. When one week before Christmas they got that dreaded knock on the door and the terrible telegram greeting. And the mother had to tell the children that “daddy wouldn’t be coming for Christmas ever.” And then Anne went up to her room to weep alone. And grandma and grandpa debated about what to do and finally they decided to take down the Christmas tree and the decorations and put the presents away. When Anne came out of the room and saw the empty spot she said, “Mother what have you done.” And her mother said, “Your so broken hearted, your father and I talked and decided this is no time for Christmas.”...

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