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The Plan

People do not have any control over when they are born, to whom they are born.

The local, national or worldwide environment that they are born in. If Jesus is the messiah, the anointed one, God made to be a man that is here to complete a perfect task, then the time and place of his appearing must show some evidence of intelligent planning.

About 350 years before Jesus was born king Phillip of Macedonia paced the corridors of his castle as his young bride, Olimpias, a princes of Epirus gave birth to his first son. Philip named him Alexander and the world would later add the great.

In the spring of 334 BC Alexander the Great took his army south and began to take over the world one little war at a time.

Now every country that Alexander conquered he hellenized. That means he caused every civilized nation to learn to read and write in Greek.

He completed his final conquest and subdued the entire known world and was himself conquered and subdued by a single mosquito. He died of malaria in the spring of 323 BC.

There was a struggle for world power and this led to the rise of Rome. And not only did they take over all of Alexander’s territory but they discovered new lands and pillaged them as well.

Alexander was used by a god he did not know to prepare the way for the messiah.

Roman legions were everywhere. They built roads between all the countries they conquered and the Mediterranean Sea became a great roman lake for trade and transport.

Now communication was safe, fast and sure and the legions kept...

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