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Some years ago a Christmas card pictured a world into which You had not come. A minister fell asleep in his study on Christmas morn. In his dream he found himself looking through his home, but no little stockings hung by the chimney. No Christmas wreaths nor holly decorated the house. He walked out on the street, but nowhere could he see a church with its spire pointing to heaven. Returning to his library, he wanted to read a book on the Christian faith, but every book about You had disappeared. His doorbell rang. A messenger asked him to visit a dying woman. He hurried to her home. Sitting down beside the lady he said, “I have something here that will comfort you.” He opened his Bible to look for a familiar New Testament verse, but the Bible ended at Malachi. He could only bow his head and weep with her in bitter despair. Two days later he stood beside this woman’s coffin to conduct the funeral service. But there was no message of consolation. As the service concluded by the grave, there was no word of glorious resurrection, no open heaven, but only “ashes to ashes, dust to dust,” and one long farewell. Realizing that...

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