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The term "golden hour" was originally coined by Dr. R Adams Cowley of the Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services, who is regarded as the pioneer of modern

trauma care. Dr. Cowley advocated that most trauma patients die of shock, which comes from sluggish or non-existent circulation and the resulting chemical changes in the body. He believed that most trauma patients could be saved if he could stop the bleeding and restore blood pressure within one hour. Patients who have experienced shock for more than one hour will likely die. Surgical intervention within that one hour, therefore, is critical for increasing the patient’s chance of survival. This hour, called "The Golden Hour," begins the moment the injury occurs.

so you see, Drs understand that not only is the practice of medicine important but the timing of that practice is critical to the survival of the patient. If the timing is not right then all the education all the training, all the medical knowledge in the world will not make a difference in that dying persons life.

just like that, the timing of ministry is crucial to the life of a dying sinner, to the broken heart of somebody thats wounded and injured by this terrible world. Timing is everything!

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