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Reported giving to the local church by Barna Research group

• Six out of ten adults (61%) gave money to one or more churches in 2000, a small decline from 1999 (66%).

• The average church donor contributed a mean of $649 to churches in 2000, down from the $806 in 1999.

• Nearly one-quarter of all born again Christians (23%) gave no money to a church in 2000 – which is significantly lower than the 39% of all adults who made no financial contribution to a church in 2000.

• More Americans claim to tithe than actually do: 17% of adults claim to tithe while 6% actually do so. (2000)

• 12% of born again Christians (compared to 3% of non born agains) tithed their income to churches in 2000.

• The average cumulative donations to churches by evangelicals totaled $2097. The average cumulative donations to churches by born agains totaled $1166. For evangelicals, cumulative donations totaled $2097. (2000)

• Slightly more than half of all adults (54%) donate some money to a...

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