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I read of a young man who worked for a bank and one day was called upon to deliver $25,000 in quarters in his bosses 49 Ford pickup to Bank of America in downtown San Bernardino. He said, “We hopped in the truck. I’m in my T-shirt and blue jeans. We drove up to the front of the Bank of America, parked the truck, and Larry said, "Hang on, I’ll go in and get the dolly, and we’ll haul this stuff in." I’m whistling, standing against this truck for twenty minutes. I don’t have a gun. I thought, If anybody notices what is in this common looking pickup truck, I’m a dead duck! …People did not see the treasure they were walking by! … they didn’t see it for the commonness of the delivery system.”

Our scripture says that he will strengthen you through His Spirit. This is how he delivers the goods to us.

But how...

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