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Once upon a time long ago,

you had to turn on the TV set well before your show started

so there would be time enough for the tubes to warm up.

I see people today pacing impatiently, even a little upset

that the microwave popcorn is taking so long.

Or do you ever tap your fingers impatiently

waiting for your computer,

and frustrated over all those wasted milliseconds?

Culturally we’ve come to expect and demand instantaneous results,

for things to finish quickly - complete in the immediate,

and a rushing impatience characterizes our mode of living.

That pernicious impatience seems to pervade our whole lives

placing our focus on the now, the urgent and immediate;

and so we are unwilling and unaccustomed to waiting

for things to fully develop or to consider the longer view.

The problem with that impatient emphasis on the immediate present

is that such a perspective is far too small and limited,

leaving too little room for life to change and get better-

it fails to recognize that God is still very much at work

and that the process of creation continues in our lives & in the


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