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In the United States of America, our national symbol is an eagle---the Bald Eagle to be exact. Anyone can look at an eagle and be amazed at its beauty as well as its character. But, what is it that makes eagles so majestic and awesome in their character? It is the way that they are taught to rise to the challenge. "… the mother eagle stirs up the nest. She removes the rabbit’s fur, the lamb’s wool, and the soft leaves so that only the prickly briars remain. The once soft nest becomes a bed of discomfort. The baby eagles aren’t cozy in their nest anymore. The mother wants them to be restless so they will get out. Otherwise, they would be content and remain in the nest a lifetime". (Bob Russell. When Life Is A Zoo, God Still Loves You. Cincinatti: Standard Publishing, 1992, p. 135). The next step is flight lessons. It is the "goal" of the mother eagle to raise "mature eagles" who will be able to "survive on their own" (p. 135). She denies them of food in order to create hunger so that they will be motivated to hunt for themselves. The mother eagle is known to fly thousands of feet up in the sky with one of her eaglets on her back at a time and then flip...

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