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In the 1999 movie "Instinct," Anthony Hopkins plays an anthropologist and primatologist, Ethan Powel, who is being held in a maximum security prison for the critically insane. Cuba Gooding’s character is an ambitious psychiatrist, Dr. Theo Caulder, who is asked to evaluate Powel. At one point in the movie, during a private session, Powel overcomes Dr. Caulder and holds him in a neck-breaking choke hold. Powel (Hopkins) demands that the psychiatrist tell him what he’s lost. Dr. Caulder responds by saying, "Freedom, I’ve lost my freedom." Hopkins character tightens his grip and says, "Wrong, Bougerious! You have one more chance to tell me what you’ve lost. What have you lost user?" Dr. Caulder (Gooding) responds like a man defeated by truth, "My...

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