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Have you thought of praying for countries in crisis around the world? Recently I was surprised to find that Operation World, the publisher of a renowned prayer guide, has a web page. Listed in the front page were prayer information for North Korea, Iraq, Israel, Palestine, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Venezuela, and Zimbabwe.

Increasingly, people are discovering that politics, money, food, medicine, and guns and bombs cannot solve the problems of these countries.

More than 3 million people have died of starvation in North Korea from 1994.

The conflict between the Israelis and the Arabs has escalated almost to the point of beyond repair.

Afghanistan is rebuilding after the Taliban misrule and the American invasion.

Pakistan is cracking down on Muslim extremists that oppose the Afghanistan invasion.

Venezuela is facing a violent strike.

Zimbabwe has an Aids crisis.

Will you help solve these problems by taking these problems to God in prayer?


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