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“A woman came to Dr. Chalmers one day and said: Dr. Chalmers, I cannot get my child to come to the Savior. I’ve talked and talked to her, but it’s no use.’ The doctor thought to himself … and said, ‘Let me talk with your daughter by myself, and we will see what may be done.’

One day he met with the daughter and engaged her in conversation. ‘You have been bothered a good deal about the matter of your soul… haven’t you? Suppose I say to your mother that you don’t want to be talked about the matter for a whole year, how will that do?’

The Scottish young lady hesitated a little then replied: ’Well, I don’t think it would be safe to put the matter off for a whole year. Something might happen! I might die before then.’ ‘Yes, that’s so,” replied the doctor. ‘Suppose we say six months.’ The daughter didn’t think that even that would be safe.’ ‘Well, then, how about three months?’ After a brief...

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