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Many years ago before airplanes and the great jets of today, people had to travel by ships.

These great ocean going vessels were very slow sailing across long distances.

The King of Greece made the decision to travel to the USA. The King had heard of the vast land and

how God had blessed the Untied States, and he decided I will take my family and friends to see if what

we hear is true?

So the King of Greece and all those he invited boarded the ship and headed toward America.

The servant of the King would walk the King’s family’s beloved pet dog.

One day the servant in charge of the pet was exercising and playing with the King’s pet dog.

The servant was getting a little careless and the dog had gotten braver and braver running and

playing on the deck of the ocean-liner.

Another day the ship was in choppy water, the dog was running on the hard wood deck.

The little pet dog ran and jumped and when the dog landed, he slid into the ocean.

The servant ran as fast as humanly possible and told the Captain of the Ocean Liner about the

dog sliding off the deck into the ocean and how much the King and the King’s family loved that

pet dog.

The Captain of the ship refused to turn it around for a dumb old dog.

The servant said, "But it is not a dumb old dog, it is the King’s pet!"

The Captain said, "I am sorry, you should have been more careful! But I will not turn the ship

around for a dog!"

The servant started running as fast as possible toward the back of the ship.


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