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I will never forget the day that Joe Thiesman broke his leg. Not that I’ve never seen a broken leg before. You want to know why I won’t forget it, because the NFL played it over and over and over… Now instant replay is a great thing, but there are some things that don’t need to be played quite so many times. God has put some incredible technology between your ears, the ability to recall events from your past. God never designed the brain cells in your head to be playing over and over again the fractures in your life. Because once you were that God says now your not and it came at a high price. You know who’s right their in the screening room playing your sins over and over again? The devil(the accuser) and saying; “look at that – look at that” why would a Christian ever do such a thing? Now he doesn’t get very far in heaven because there is a hard nosed attorney...

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