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At Camp Udairi in the desert of Kuwait, the loss of the dining facility has brought with it an unlikely reminder of God’s protection.

Chaplain (Major) Barbara K. Sherer tells the story in an article on The dining hall caught fire one morning, and because of the high winds, destroyed the surrounding 5 tents in less than half an hour. Several of those tents would have been filled to capacity that morning. But as God’s providence would have it, they were mostly empty of soldiers at the time the fire broke out.

God had provided protection.

Later that week, as Chaplain Sherer began preparing for Holy Week services, she was contemplating the ashes she would need for the Ash Wednesday service. It seemed fitting to use ashes from the earlier fire-- a reminder that God protects us in this life, and he protects us in the life to come.

She went to the scene of the accident, and the firefighters thought her request seemed quite appropriate. One of the soldiers scooped some of the ashes into a cup for Chaplain Sherer, and she gratefully took them back to her tent.

Later in the week, when preparing for the service, she noticed something silver peeking from the ashes. She dug it out, and discovered it was a cross, imprinted with the inscription "Jesus is Lord."

God had provided protection--protection on this earth, and in the life...

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