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In his book, “Great Church Fights,” Leslie B. Flynn tells of two unmarried sisters, who lived together, but because of an unresolved disagreement over an insignificant issue, they stopped speaking to each other - one of the inescapable results of refusing to forget.

Since they were either unable or unwilling to move out of their small house, they continued to use the same rooms, eat at the same table, use the same appliances, and sleep in the same room - all separately without one word. A chalk line divided the sleeping area into two halves, separating doorways as well as the fireplace. Each would come and go, cook and eat, sew and read without ever stepping over into her sister’s territory.

Through the black of the night, each could hear the deep breathing of the other, but because both were unwilling to take the first step toward forgiving and forgetting the silly offense, they coexisted for years in grinding silence.

(Chuck Swindoll. The Finishing Touch. Word Publishing. Dallas, Texas, 1994, pg. 316.)

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