3-Week Series: Double Blessing

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Elizabeth Smart was just re-united with her family last week, after being abducted from her home and held captive for 9 months. It’s a great bit of good news...what a wonderful relief for everyone involved

When I think of Elizabeth, taken from her home by traitorous invaders, forced to live as someone else, in some other home, I think that she must have been longing to get back to her family. It must have been a hunger for her.

I don’t believe that she was thinking “Man, I need to get home so I can do my chores, and clean my room”. I doubt that. She was hungry for HOME because it’s where she belonged! It’s where her love is. That’s what Jesus is talking about here! Hungering for righteousness is our longing for home.

Turning this around, do you think that Elizabeth’s parents were thinking during that 9 months, “boy, I wish Elizabeth were here to get...

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