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Many times the Bible said that sickness does not mean punishment for sin and only Pharisees arrived at this conclusion. But in this case seems that certain sin brought this man in this condition. Paralyzed. Yesterday Superman, today… paralyzed. Alone.. whit remorse, for hundreds of times he relieved his foolish life, his wasteful life. Alone, with nobody to help him.

- No wife – probably he left her in his youth, when as a butterfly he flew from flower to flower.

- No children – kids are burdens when you try to test every pleasure in this world.

- With his goods wasted with doctors and professional prayers.

- Alone with nothing else but a miserable life and lot of remorse.

Alone. No doubt he thought even God has left him, otherwise he would not be a paralytic. He just could not understand how some of his friends who fellowshipped with him in the good time, are now perfectly healthy and going ahead, and him… laying down… This is not right. But, in the passing of the years, the suffering, which is a school, produced in him a sensibility not to accept ready-made thoughts, not to rebel, rather to accept his condition. He began rather to wish a return to the past and to make...

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