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There is a little bird in Kentucky that is called a Killdeer bird. It builds it nest beside the road in the gravel.The eggs look gray and white speckles like the gravel on the roads. Children love to try to get them,The fun part is when you get close to her nest she will move off and ack like her wing is broke so you will try to grab her. she will flutter the wing and look like it is broken. Each time you get close she will move a little futher off until you are away from the nest. Then she will just fly off. This is what the devil does. He shows you things that you think sparkle and things you can achieve if you just go a little piece and receive it, but he keeps moving farther and farther away from God's plan for you. Then when you are away from the God nugget that God had for you to receive he will just fly off and leave you all alone. Don't follow...

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