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A few weeks back, a movie came out entitled, "The Hours." Though the underlying theme of homosexuality may surprise you, the critics declare the movie was thought provoking as it dealt with how individuals handle the stresses of life as each tick of the clock reminds each one how quickly time does move.

A male character, dying of AIDS, declares just before he throws himself out an open window, "You still have to face the hours." A female character, who after filling her pockets with rocks walks into a river, thinks about the suicide note she left for her husband, looking back to the love and the hours they have spent together. Another female character tries to end her life by overdosing on pills.

The message for those left behind "You still have to face the hours."

No matter how well planned a life may be, the potential for sudden change is always present. When that change comes; when things don’t work out the way one thinks they should, one still has to face the hours.

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