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Sorry if we woke you

in the middle of the night,

But someone in your neighborhood

is fighting for his life.

Sorry if we block the road

and make you turn around,

But there’s been a bad wreck

with dying children on the ground.

When you see us coming

I hope you’ll understand,

Let us have the right of way

someone needs our helping hand.

Sometimes a child is choking

sometimes a broken leg,

Sometimes a heart stops beating

And when we get there it’s too late.

So if you see us crying

when we think we are alone,

You’ll know we had a bad one

and we’re feeling mighty low.

We don’t do it for the money

you know how little we get paid,

We don’t do it for the glory

but for a life that might be saved.

Somewhere deep within us

our souls are crying out,...

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