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Back in 1995 I was having a difficult time understanding what God was doing in my life. As God so often does, He used something simple to teach me a great truth. I was taking my cat to the sink to give it a bath. Our cat Madeline had a skin condition that required weekly baths. She hated them and fought me like crazy. The vet said to put the special cat shampoo on her and let her soak in it for a few minutes. In order to do that I would place the cat in a cat carrier with a blanket and let it sit there for a few minutes. As I was placing the soaked and upset cat in the carrier, God spoke to my heart. He said;

"Tell the cat what your doing."

I replied, "I can’t God. I don’t speak cat. I’m doing this for it’s own good."

God said to me again, "Go ahead, tell the cat why your doing that."

I said, "I can’t Lord, I can’t explain why. It’s for it’s own good though."


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