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I can remember a time while I was a young and poor college student of being invited to preach at a church without a pastor. I was to preach and my wife was to sing in the morning worship service and also in the evening service. I was about eighty miles from home. After the service all of the congregation thanked me and many said, “We will see you tonight.” One young single parent came up to my wife and me and said:

“You will need to eat and to rest before tonight. I don’t have much, but please come to my apartment for the afternoon.” When she searched her cupboards all that she could find to feed us was about one half pound of cheese slices and some macaroni, from which she made a small pan of macaroni and cheese, which she served with glasses of ice water to her son, my wife, me, and then to herself. I’ll tell you, that was one of the best meals I have ever eaten. She shared her best. She had little but...

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