3-Week Series: Double Blessing

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I remember when I first started training to be a pilot. I was a young pastor and lived in Labrador in the north east part of Canada. The church purchased a bush plane to be used for outreach in parts of the region where there were no churches of any kind so I needed to learn to fly. On my very first lesson the flight instructor directed me to sit in the left seat in the cockpit, the seat where the pilot in command sits. I protested, saying I was not ready since I knew very little about airplanes. Nevertheless, I was required to do what the instructor asked. It was frightening for me and yet this is how I learned to fly. Looking back, I see the wisdom in the method that was used. Sometimes we can do more than we think we can. The truth was, the instructor was in control at all times and there was never any danger that arose from me sitting where I did.

The same is true for all that pursue the will of God. At times...

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