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A young woman once chewed out a preacher for preaching the cross of Jesus too vividly. It was alleged that such was causing her primary-age daughter to have nightmares. How horrible that someone, especially a child, would be bothered by our Lord’s crucifixion. Right? Or is it! We should be horror-struck and repulsed that such a thing happened on the face of the earth. God was! So much so that he turned His back on the appalling scene and the sun stopped shining. So terrible was this scene that the earth shook and the rocks split. Can we, then, preach the cross too much or too vividly? Crucifixion was an unspeakably horrible form of execution and punishment. There is no way that we can overstate its gruesome cruelty. But the true anguish of the cross of Christ was not the physical suffering which...

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