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Someone has estimated that the average member of the church has heard 6,000 sermons, 8,000 congregational songs and led zero people to Jesus Christ!

Here is the way the problem stacks up in a Church with 200 members:

20 are too old to work, that leaves 180 left to work,

but of the rest, 18 are too timid to accept much responsibility

that leaves 162 left to work,

but 12 are out of town or away for school,

so that leaves 150 left to work,

but 25 of those work long hours six or seven days a week,

so that leaves 125 left to work,

but 20 of those are tied down with children

that leaves 105 left to work,

but 20 of those are unable to work because of poor health,

that leaves 85 left to work,

but 55 are unfaithful, do not attend regularly, or don’t care...

that leaves 30 left to work,

but 20 of...

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