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In the Christian reader, Ramon Williams writes that on April 28, 1996,

a gunman walked into a crowded cafe in Port Arthur, Australia, and started

shooting. Tony Kistan, a Salvation Army soldier from Sydney, and his wife

Sarah were in the restaurant when the bullets began to fly. Courageously

Tony stepped in front of his wife to shield her from the gunfire, and he was

one of the first to fall. Thirty-four victims eventually died in the incident,

including Tony Kistan. As he lay dying in his wife’s arms, he spoke his last

words, “I’m going to be with the Lord.”

Those final words of faith were quoted by the Australian media and

carried to the world. “At a press conference,” writes Williams, “Tony’s son

Nesan, 24, explained why his father held this assurance and described his

father’s dedication...

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