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Jesus came to a village and found a man there who was blind. He laid hands on Him and prayed over the man, and he was healed completely. The townspeople were so appreciative that they built a church, and they called it the first church of laying on of hands and healing.

So, Jesus goes to the next village, and there He found another blind man. So, Jesus spits on the ground and makes some mud, and applies it to the man’s eyes. He then tells the man to go wash in the pool, and the man receives his sight. The townspeople are so overjoyed that they decide to start a church in Jesus’ honor, and they called it the first church of Here’s mud in your eye and be healed. Jesus goes on to yet a third village, and finds a third blind man there. So, Jesus tells the man, “If you go and wash in this pool seven times, you will receive your sight back.” So the man does as Jesus says. The third set of townspeople was so appreciative of God’s work that they built a church in Jesus’ honor too. They named it the first church of washing seven times and healing.

One day, the Lord calls all these groups together for fellowship. But, over the course of time they began to break down over doctrinal discussion as to how healing takes place. One group said, “You can’t heal unless you lay hands on those who are sick.” A second group...

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