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There was a church that had a young lady that had started attending the church. She had more than a checkered past to say the least. She had turned her life over to the Lord and had dedicated the rest of her life to serving and following Jesus. She had worked very hard to not let her past get in the way of her new found salvation and life. It seemed everywhere she went people could not forget her past.

The Pastor’s son noticed her and their relationship began to grow. As the relationship grew so did the rumors, gossip, and dissatisfaction among the church members. They felt as if the pastor’s son needed to find some one of a better background and family background. As the relationship continued to grow so did the dissension in the church. When there was a wedding planned, the church members planned a meeting to see what they could do to stop it. During the meeting the pastor’s son and the young lady showed up. The pastor’s soon boldly walked to the front of the group and addressed them with the following.

I feel very sorry for all of you today. I will...

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